Team aRise was founded in late 2013 as a result of Freestyle NZ splitting off into other games and platforms. We first began as a sniping and pubstomping team of close personal friends, and later progressed into multiple competitive teams upon the release of Call of Duty Ghosts.


Kairu @aRiseKairu kairu@teamarise.net



Placing Date Event Team
1st 11/5/14 CyberGamer Community ODC COD.Eclipse
16th 13/7/14 #ASTROCircuit Season 4 COD.Reflex
17th-22nd 20/7/14 ACL Sydney COD.AU
9th 3/8/14 #ASTROCircuit ODC #1 COD.Reflex
5th 17/9/14 #ASTROCircuit Midweek #2 COD.AU
2nd 2/10/14 Doesplay 4v4 SnD Pro Pool Qualification COD.AU