Introducing Doesplay.TV

Mon 16th Feb 2015 - 5:51am : Announcements

Over the last few months, we've been working on a website dedicated to indexing and displaying VODs from worldwide Call of Duty eSports events. Inspired by this reddit post, we now consider the system ready to go live.

Introducing On Friday 13th of February, we teamed up with Doesplay to help bring our system to the Call of Duty community, as well as to bring on additional staff and management, enabling a smoother experience for all involved. Since the rebrand and announcement on the Friday night, we've seen over 400 new users access the site and we expect this to grow with the upcoming Call of Duty Championships.

The system has seen massive improvements since first going live, and with Doesplay on-board, you can expect us to take advantage of the potential is has.

Drop us all a follow on Twitter below, and check out at the site at!




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