July '14 Updates!

Tue 15th Jul 2014 - 12:01pm : Announcements

aRise Sniping
We decided to drop the sniping team due to the difficulty of finding players. It's hard to find good, consistent players who want to join a team with 20 subscribers on YouTube. Rather than see the potential, they just see a number. Unfortunate, but good luck to Laiino and Tesla who have joined Desert Sniping.

aRise NZ
After a 16th place finish in the CyberGamer Astro Circuit, Renzile decided to quit competitive CoD. This left us with finding a good enough New Zealand player to replace him. In the end, we decided to pick up Fluxx from Synthesis AU, which resulted in Swaz leaving to find a purely NZ team. To replace Swaz, we have brought on Pomgeek, a friend of Rawk. Now with a 2/2 split of AU/NZ players, we will be changing the team name. After the first Doesplay Night Comp, Fluxx decided to quit competitive CoD, leaving us to yet again find someone to replace him. Our new team name will also be aRise Reflex.




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