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Sat 31st Jan 2015 - 11:48am : General

As I type this, it's currently 1AM on February 1st, 2015. I say this in every post, but a lot has gone on recently.

First and foremost, our CoD team of Saliba, Aspect, Bwenno left to start their own organization named Incept, while Prophecy quit competitive CoD. Keggie, our FIFA player, also left to join Incept as a content creator. Despite any differences we had, good luck to them with wherever iC takes them.

Secondly, I've been working on an online VOD system for CoD eSports matches. It's currently live at, despite currently containing bugs as it is consistently under development. The site has its own Twitter account, which can be found at @CoDVODs, and the source code can be found on Github here. With this being implemented into our "eco-system", brings a much more stable website. This main website is hosted by Esportsify (<3), who also manages our DNS which allows us to offload the VOD system, emailing, etc etc, off to different servers. No more "server not found" issues. :)

Third, we'd like to announce yet another expansion: aRise.CS. Our Counter-Stike Global Offensive team consists of:

  • svR (c)
  • Mangy
  • ArticE
  • pan1k

None of them have Twitter, but you can find them competing in the CyberGamer Premier League, amateur division (CGa). With success in recent scrims, we hope to place in the money, while pushing for Division 2 in the next season. CGa starts February 8th.

Fourth and finally: With the ANZ CoD Champs qualifiers now over, we're looking to pickup a solid CoD AW squad to compete online and offline. Contact me on Twitter (@Kairuxo) if interested.




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